Titles on Spanish history and related topics

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Titles on Spanish history and related topics--Xxxx

Earl J. Hamilton, "The Decline of Spain" _Economic History Review_, 8
(Nov, 1937), 168-70.

John U.Nef, "Silver Production in Central Europe", _Journal of Political
Economy_, 49 (Aug, 1941), 576.

Eduard Perroy (1955) quoted in Immanuel Wallerstein, _The Modern World
System: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of European World Economy
in the 16th century_(NY, 1974), p. 41n.

Earl J. Hamilton, _American Treasure and the Price Revolution in Spain,
1501-1650_ (Cambridge,Mass, 1934), p.34.

Charles Haring, _The Spanish Empire in America_, 3rd ed., (NY, 1963),

Geoffrey Parker, "Spain, Her Enemies and the Revolt of Netherlands
1559-1648", _Past and Present_, no.49 (Nov 1970), p.76.

Henry Kamen, "The Decline of Spain: A Historical Myth?", _Past and
Present_, no.81 (Nov 1978), p.25


J. I. Isreal "Debate: The Decline of Spain: A Historical Myth", _Past
and Present_, no.91 (May 1981), pp.170-80. ("Isreal atacks Gordon  and
Kamen for denying that Spain declined in the early 17th centruy.Isreal
locates abrupt decline in industry and agriculture in the traditional
period 1595-162" in Flyyn's "Fiscal Crisis and the Decline of Spain" ,
_Journal of Economic History_, No 1, March 1982).

Jaime Vicens Vives, _An Economic History of Spain_ (Princeton, 1969),
p.382: in Flynn
"267, 000 ducats from the Castilian _alcabala tax_
350, 000-400, 000 from the Indies
4 million from the Low countries.Compare these with figures typical of
the late 1500s: 6.2 million ducats Castilian taxes; 1.6 million in papal
concessions collected by the Crown; 2 million American silver (Elliot,
_Imperial Spain_, p.286).


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