Nader/U.S. Election

Chris Carrick cc136 at
Sun Nov 5 13:48:35 MST 2000

No offense, Mike Pearn, but you are just wrong.  As I write, I'm watching
Nader's DC rally on C-SPAN.  Despite your claim that Nader has no
connection to workers, I just heard the head of the California Nurse's
Association endorse Nader because of his support for immediate universal
health care.  Other progressive unions have also had the courage to break
with the Democrats.  Likewise, when you say that Nader's positions
"on questions of race and gender are at best poor" you are either ignorant
or lying.  He's garnered significant media attention for the
prison-industrial complex, the secret courts of the INS, anti-Arab
discrimination, DC statehood, US imperialism in the Caribbean.  I could go
on and on but suffice it to say that he HAS brought out the connection
between race, discrimination and poverty and talked about the legacy of
slavery and genocide.

If the people on this list would get off their asses and actually start
organizing working people and people of color instead of criticizing Nader
and waiting for the population to become radicalized, then we'd get
somewhere.  Frankly, I'm getting sick of "keyboard Marxists" pontificating
and sticking their head in the sand waiting either for crisis/breakdown or
a significant worker's movement to get involved.

Chris Carrick
PhD Candidate
Department of City & Regional Planning
Cornell University

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