Nader/U.S. Election

Brian James hillbily at
Sun Nov 5 15:35:17 MST 2000

Chris Carrick wrote:

>Despite your claim that Nader has no
>connection to workers, I just heard the head of the California Nurse's
>Association endorse Nader because of his support for immediate universal
>health care.  Other progressive unions have also had the courage to break
>with the Democrats.

Claims that the Greens have working class support are rather
meaningless. Unions used to support the Democrats; are the Democrats a
workers' party? Likewise, Pat Buchanan's Reform Party has enjoyed
considerable support from labour, as did Reagan in the '80s. All of this
just goes to show that there is a huge void on the left in the US and it
is being filled by opportunists like the Green Party and Ralph Buchanan.
The US Green Party is like every other Green Party in the world on this,
they exploit the need for a real working class movement. among other
things, as a stepping stone to power, then abandon it. Workers will
always vote for the party that appears to represent their interests
(from on high). But don't be distracted by that. The Green Party of the
US is not working class at the organisational level and therefore has no
real roots in, or commitments to, a working class movement. If Marxism
is to stay alive it must continue to think and organise outside of and
opposed to the Green movement, while forging strategic alliances with
its progressive aspects.

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