Old men and younger women

Philip Ferguson plf13 at SPAMit.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Nov 5 16:05:48 MST 2000

Lou Paulsen wrote to John Nolan:

>John, "old men chasing young women" is sexual oppression.

Oh c'mon, Lou.  Are you telling me that wizened old guy on death's door who
married Nicolle Smith was 'oppressing' her?

I cannot believe the Puritan moralism in your second paragraph.

As someone who has never had a relationship with anyone more than about two
or three years younger than myself, and who has no interest in chasing
women a lot younger than myself, I nevertheless find this kind of moralism
bizarre.  You Americans really were stuffed up by the Puritans weren't you?

I'm also interested in this:  when pop star millionaire Olivia Newton-John
got the hots for some nobody bloke 20 years her junior, ie a male with no
social power comparable to hers, was she also 'oppressing' him?  If some
male intern did to Hilary what Monica did to Bill, would Hilary - who would
clearly be the more powerful in that situation - be 'oppressing' him?

This empties oppression of any meaning!

Who is gonna decide what difference in age is acceptable among adults?
And who is gonna police it?

I like the WWP when it campaigns against US imperialism and wish you all
the best in your efforts in that field, but I'd suggest we leave this kind
of nonsense up to the Moral Majority.


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