Nader/U.S. Election

mike pearn mike at
Sun Nov 5 18:22:04 MST 2000

It's a shame Alan Bradley insists on gifting me with political positions
that I do not in fact hold. For example he answers a question that i did not
pose as follows.

> A diversion from what?  Building a mass workers' party one member at a
> time?  I guess it is.  But that's not how a mass workers' party will be
> built.  It will come from political differentiations amongst large groups
> of people, like, for example, the kind of people gathered around the Nader
> campaign.

I can only point out that this is not my position despite his clear
inference that it might be. In recent years I was a member of Arthur
Scargills Socialist Labour Party and now support the Welsh Socialist
Alliance. Hardly the acts of some Labour loyalist? But unlike Alan I do not
reject the need to offer a United Front to those still in the Labour Party,
that I repeat still commnads the loyalty of most politically concious Trades
Unionists, who are willing to fight.
> But let's not get into exaggerating Nader's virtues.  Let's look at Blair
> who stands as a representative "of the independent representation of the
> proletariat."
> This is a pretty strange picture, isn't it?  This smirking assassin, a
> complete and totally owned possession of capital, somehow respresents "the
> independent representation of the proletariat."
> This party bombed Yugoslavia, but we can't support anyone else, because
> unions support them.  This is perfect dead-end sectarianism.

How true but its not my position as I have explained. Having fought in the
last General election as a member of the SLP it hardly could be. But perhaps
Nader was prominent in campaigning against the Gulf War? Or perhaps he, as
usual, avoided issues that might divide his audience. Take a wild guess
which happened.
I wrote earlier;
> > That said I must again state that the emergence of Naders candidacy
> > cannot be ignored by American socialists who must orientate towards it,
> > perhaps this should be in the past tense given nearness of the vote, in
> > order to propagandise socialism to a new young audience. But such an
> > orientation is no substitute for the work that must be done to root
> > Marxism in the workers movemnet and among youth in struggle.

Alan replied that;
> Obviously true.  In fact, the only point in supporting Nader is in order
> _continue_ such work.  A fair slab of the "youth in struggle" are
> supporting Nader.  Most probably aren't supporting anyone though - good on
> them - and a certain proportion no doubt are supporting Clinton - assisted
> by arguments about the class basis of the Nader campaign!

Now Alan perhaps you are confused but Clinton is not a candidate. Just so
you know its his VP who is running Gore. Perhaps this is the person you

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