Older men, younger women

Philip Ferguson plf13 at SPAMit.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Nov 6 00:06:50 MST 2000

Lou Paulsen wrote:

>I am talking about patriarchal oppression, not rock stars and weird tales
>from the tabloid media.

Well, you stated in your earlier email:
>>John, "old men chasing young women" is sexual oppression.

And you referred to this as 'patriarchal power'.

Presumably you think that old guy had 'patriarchal power' over young
Nicolle Smith.  I tend to think the meaningful power in that relationship
was with her.  Certainly the last laugh is.

Old men chasing young women is more likely to be sad and pathetic than a
sign of 'patriarchal power'.  But good luck to them anyway!

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