Chattel Slavery, Colonialism, & Capitalism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Nov 6 17:29:20 MST 2000

>The proposition A is not the same as the proposition B.  One can hold
>B to be true while denying A.  Significantly, Eric Williams never
>argues for the proposition A, since his argument is that profits from
>the triangular trade & slave labor were among the main sources of
>wealth converted into industrial capital fostering _the Industrial
>Revolution_, the growth of which eventually caused the abolition of
>West Indian slavery (as you can see from _Capitalism & Slavery_ as
>well as the Russell R Menard article I posted a while ago).
>Lou seems to think that unless we argue for the proposition A, we'll
>end up agreeing with Eugene Genovese, Ernest Laclau, Bill Warren,
>etc. & proposing the modernization theory as the solution to the
>problem of the maldevelopment of the Third World.  I don't think so!

Yoshie, 2 things. Please do not cc PEN-L when you reply to me here. I want
to keep Michael Perelman happy. The other thing is that you seem to be
repeating yourself. Unless you come up with new information or arguments, I
will refrain from answering you. My suggestion to you is to write a
comprehensive defense of your ideas, using Brenner's 734 page book or
whatever. I would have taken it out of the Columbia Library but it is a
reserve book.

Louis Proyect
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