Evidence versus implication

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Mon Nov 6 18:09:57 MST 2000

Mine wrote:

>fact, Foster argues in his critique of Brenner's report on Asian crisis
>that Brenner's analysis is influenced by Smithian theories of
>competition, including Schumpeter's analysis of trade cycles.

Actually, I agree more with David McNally & John Bellamy Foster than
with Robert Brenner in the debate on the Brenner article on the
financial crisis ("The Economics of Global Turbulence A Special
Report of the World Economy, 1950-98"), though the persistence of
overcapacity and overproduction across the capitalist system, caused
in part by capitalism's compulsion to innovate technologically as
Brenner argues, has to be part of an explanation as well.  I don't go
so far as to call Brenner's interpretation "Smithian."

In any case, though, Foster & McNally, unlike you & Lou, are capable
of discussing & criticizing Brenner's article without dismissing
everything he has to say; lumping him together with the likes of
Eugene Genovese & Bill Warren; etc.  If only you guys could emulate
Foster & McNally here, our "debate" will be more constructive.


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