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Mon Nov 6 19:53:52 MST 2000

> I apologize for saying anything about the Militant Tendency's role in the
> witchhunting of the SLL out of the Labor Party Young Socialists.
> Everything I wrote was from memory - memories of stories told to me, and
> articles I read during the 1970's. I was not there during the 60's. And I
> am not likely to have any written sources available to me soon, so I can
> not verify precisely where the truth is in that old controversy. It was
> wrong of me to bring it up.
> In general I try not to write about the history of left tendencies,
> I do not have sources easily available, and partisan passions still
> - even my own.

I was mostly curious. I know very little about the sectarian squabbles of
the period, but it struck me as somewhat unlikely that the Militant
tendency would have been involved in a witchhunt against the Healyites.
Particularly given that none of the few items I have read about the Young
Socialists in the 1960s mention such an event. If anyone does have some
more information, I'd like to hear about it.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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