Labour (to Mike Pearn)

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at
Tue Nov 7 04:20:16 MST 2000

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el 7 Nov 00, a las 20:02, Philip Ferguson dijo:

> A Marxist going on a workers' picket line is just a Marxist going on a
> workers' picket line, not an example of the united front in action.

I think all of us should pick up this sentence, take it to a word
processor, make the letters bright bright red, print it on an A4 or
letter-sized white piece of paper with character size of about 30 or
50, have it framed, and hang it on the wall at the side of our
computer, or better still, if we are members of a political
organization, at the meeting room where "great politics" is decided!

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