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Alan Bradley alanb at
Tue Nov 7 06:00:41 MST 2000

> From: "Martin Zehr"
<much snipped>
>    Inasmuch as I know nothing of the history of the Australian Green
> Party, I must plead ignorance to your snipet of information, and hope
> that you provide some more detail to your own experiences and the
> Australian experience. I do not question the "seriousness of the
> contributions", as much as I do their competency and thoroughness of
> analysis, and there I will be ruthless in my expectations.

I'm not really sure that an adequate Marxist view of the various Green
phenomena in Australia has been written.  I probably can't really do one

What I can vouch for is that I picked up a good set of backstab scars, and
a definitely cynical attitude!  Still, a fair slab of the DSP's younger
leaders were recruited from the environment movement.  (Not just "the
Greens" in an electoral sense.)

>    And since I would not agree with your definition of Greens as
> liberals, Alan, I would say that on that point all we would do is bump
> heads in our disagreement, without clarifying the importance of the
> matter. Anyone is free to elaborate on that matter.

They are heterogeneous.  Some will prove themselves to be hardened
life-long enemies of ours.  Others will join us!  Just don't get too
disappointed when there turns out to be lots of people in the first

>    As to the question of the nature of the state, that has been brought
> up by others, I would suggest that what is important in this matter is
> the fact

Given that we shouldn't be seriously considering Nader and most of the
Green leadership as being anything like revolutionaries, it is fair to
suggest that they will tend to have a fairly muddled attitude to the state,
not to mention pretty much every other question.  That doesn't mean that we
can't recruit their supporters, some of whom may be the next generation of
"Green" leaders....

Alan Bradley
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