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NY Times, November 7, 2000

David Brower, an Aggressive Champion of U.S. Environmentalism, Is Dead at 88


David Brower, an uncompromising environmentalist who spent more than half a
century fighting to protect America's wilderness areas against speculators,
developers, state agencies and the federal government, died on Sunday at
his home in Berkeley, Calif. He was 88.

Mr. Brower was widely regarded one of the most articulate and powerful
conservationists of the 20th century, and at various times led a number of
environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth.

Long an opponent of compromise in the face of efforts to tame wild lands,
he was a primary force during the 1960's in preventing the construction of
two major government dams in the Grand Canyon. He also played a pivotal
role in blocking a dam, proposed for the Green River in Utah, that would
have flooded parts of Dinosaur National Monument.

Over the years he also fought, sometimes alone, to maintain the wilderness
of the Northern Cascades in Oregon and Washington, Point Reyes and Kings
Canyon in California, the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North
Carolina, the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, the Allagash Wilderness in Maine
and the Everglades in Florida.

He sought to protect redwoods from loggers, animals from furriers,
porpoises from tuna fishermen and the public from nuclear energy and any
number of projects proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal
Bureau of Reclamation.

Mr. Brower (the name rhymes with "hour") also spoke against the
indiscriminate use of herbicides and pesticides.

"You are villains not to share your apples with worms," he would tell his
audiences. "Bite the worms. They won't hurt nearly as much as the
insecticide does."

Mr. Brower's life seemed to be a perpetual joust against what he found to
be the careless use of land for commercial purposes.

"We're not blindly opposed to progress," he said, "we're opposed to blind

Full obituary at: http://www.nytimes.com/2000/11/07/national/07BROW.html

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