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>>Just as if say a US president wants to make it with one of his young
interns, what wrong with that? <<

The rather extensive evidentiary record developed at no small expense by the
American bourgeoisie shows, I think, that it was Ms. Lewinsky who took the
initiative in the affair. President Clinton may have been cavalier in the
way he handled the relationship, but he certainly was no predator.

As for the "big issue" in the case, the "lying," it was the considered
opinion of the American masses that Mr. Clinton did the right, honorable,
and gentlemanly thing in protecting the reputation and privacy of the young
lady. That was why despite the hysteria not only in Congress but throughout
the Washington Press Corps, the impeachment drive could never get any
traction. Every time the Republicans were able to dredge up some new bucket
of sewage to throw at Clinton, his job approval rating would bounce up,
typically from the low 60s to the high 60s or even the low 70s.

The pundits on the gasbag circuit of political TV talk shows and all news
networks throughout would scratch their heads and wonder at Clinton's good
fortune with public opinion "despite" such and such an accusation or
revelation. They never did figure out that it was not "despite" the sexual
witch-hunt, it was BECAUSE of it, an expression of sympathy with its victim
and a calculation that, if the best the Republicans could come up with
against the guy was a marital indiscretion, then he must be doing a pretty
good job.

Apart from the Yahoo wing of the Republican party and old maids of both
sexes, no one had any problem "forgiving" Clinton for "lying" in response to
such questions. What people could not forgive were the republican lawyers,
judges and lawmakers for asking them in the first place.


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> But those young women did not have to succumb to his entreaties. I
> doubt if he forced
> himself on them. Perhaps as a old man just liked chasing young
> women.Whats wrong with
> that.

Just as if say a US president wants to make it with one of his young
interns, what wrong with that?  And since Dennis Healy was supposed
to be a socialist revolutionary, I am reminded of that old '60s quote,
"that the position of women in the movement is prone."  That must
be why I suppose that from a woman's perspective, these lists sometimes
have all the feel of a men's locker room.


> John
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