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Jim Blaut wrote:

> >Yoshie et al
> >Brenner's comment that we have to look at slavery >in early Africa and class
> >structures in early Africa to understandthe >insignificance of the  Atlantic
> >slave trade is -- in my view -- a thinly veiled >recitation ofthe
> >conservative Africanst view ( Thornto, Curtin)that >Africans were natural
> >slavers (Thornton: they valued wealth in slaves, not >land) and were somehow
> >"naturally" in a slave mode of production.
> >From which it follows that Eureopeans really >weren't to blame for the
> >African slave trade-- they just put slavery to >productive use. I call these
> >p[eople the "absolutionist hisaorians" because they >absolve Euros of most
> >of the blame for the horrors of trhe Atlantic salve >trade and New World
> >slavery,
> >Jim B

As always, precise and to the point! Happy to see you Jim.




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