Chattel Slavery, Colonialism, & Capitalism

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> >Well, I don't mind posting new info & arguments (which btw change
> >nothing in this debate), but you haven't come to grips with the
> >arguments that Carrol & I (among others) have advanced on the
> >fundamental theoretical points at all.

I wonder who are "among others" in this crowd , except few economists on pen-l
whose relation to Marxism is suspect to begin with. Milosovic hunter Jim Devine?
For the last three weeks, I should admit that whatever you have demonstrated on
this list  is unfortunate from a comradely point of view. For the purpose of
rescuing Brenner, you have launched a sectarian cyber campaign against Lou and
Blaut, and despite the *warnings* of moderators on both sides, you have
*continued* to cross post debates elsewhere, trying to contradict Lou and red
bait people from here on pen-l. with implicit or explicit ad hominems and veiled
personal affronts.  Instead of solidarity, such red baits contributed to nothing
but to muddle the political discourse to the benefit of fellow travelers like
Doug Henwood. Aren't we supposed to form a solidarity against the red baiters of
Marxism mailing list? Why to attack Lou *constantly*? What is the point?

Okey, there may be some disagreements here about what Brenner thesis exactly
means. Let's eat each other within the family then. I debate with comrades here
too. BUT let's not launch a campaign against people from here elsewhere. This is
an insincere behavior. Lou, with all his extereme politeness and tolerance, is
the last person who deserves such an uncomradely ethic. .

With all due respect,  all the information you have cross posted on the list
seemed to me either constantly changing "syntheses"  or valuable articles
(nonetheless), rather than a coherent set of ideas reflecting your own views.
You say something today, but come up with a different synthesis tomorrow. On
this list, you come up with a synthesis of Blaut-Brenner, On pen-l, you come up
with a synthesis of Brenner-Parelman-Devine-Wood. Frankly,  it is hard for us to
come to grips with what exactly you are getting at.


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