emails woes (finale)

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Tue Nov 7 11:34:05 MST 2000

for brother Nestor and other Pegasus email users:

p.s.4 formating in Pegasus:

  Tools --> Options --> Sending Mail


    "When sending messages containing rich (formated) text"


   "Always remove formating"

to get rid of the html-ized posts.

Note that for Pegasus, you can still (accidentally) use formatting in
your message compose window, but the formating will indeed be stripped
before sending. i tried a test and it really works.

i dont see any options for word wrapping in Pegasus, which usually
means that the application will handle the paragreph widths

i tested llong URL sending under Pegasus and it too is broken. if you
post a long URL in Pegasus, it will break automatically at 70
characters. heres the fix: in your compose window:

    Special --> Editor settings for this message

and select some large number which allows the URL to stay on one line.

of course, this will make your parapgrahs look ridiculous, you'll have
to break lines by hand...

les schaffer

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