Genovese, Laclau and Brenner

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Nov 7 12:05:13 MST 2000

>This linking of Gladstone, Lou Proyect, Madame Chiang, & Pope John Paul is a
>rather established linkage since they all take the Galileo side of the debate
>with the Inquisition.
>Lou have you lost all sense of intellectual decency?

Carrol, you are confusing things. Supporting Galileo is like supporting
Pasteur or Einstein. That the earth revolves around the sun can be verified
empirically. It is impossible to verify the Brenner thesis. I do wish you
would stick that big toe of your's into the scholarly literature. One
hasn't lived until one has perused old volumes of "Past and Present" on a
saturday night after consuming a nice bottle of Australian Shiraz.

Louis Proyect
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