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> I tutored in Global History for three years and in the (admittedly
> general) texts we used, the consensus among global historians seemed
> to be that England and Holland (and maybe some of the north-west
> German cities) were the chief beneficiaries of Spanish and Portuguese
> plunder of gold and silver from the Americas.
> A lot of the gold and silver went to north-east Europe to pay for
> goods which were manufactured there but not in Spain or Portugal.
> Ultimately, the Iberian peninsula did not benefit all that much from
> the horrors visited upon the peoples of the Americas.  England and the
> Netherlands gained more out of it, while at the same time being able
> to claim the moral high ground of not having the blood of all those
> dead peoples of the Americas on their hands.

And this worked marvels as the Black Legend of Spain in America. But
what needs clear understanding is that Spanish "backwardness" on the
road to capitalism (will comment on this further on) vis a vis
England and the Netherlands implied that the Spanish (and also the
Portuguese) colonies in America were not "capitalist" colonies, but
something entirely different. I hope I will have the time to expand
on this later on. In fact, Laclau's early writings on these issues
are not to be blamed for his later political movements.

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