Genovese, Laclau and Brenner

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Nov 7 17:37:17 MST 2000

>>Do you really, really, mean to say that Dobb and Genovese had much in
>>common, aside from shared Marxist lingo?
>Yoshie, it is not "lingo" they share. It is a belief that capitalism is
>defined strictly by a mode of production employing free wage labor. In an
>early paper outling his views ("The Slave Economies in Political
>Perspective", Jun. 1979, Journal of American History), Genovese openly
>states that his interpretation is based on Maurice Dobb and he cites
>"Studies in the Development of Capitalism" as a source of his thinking. In
>addition, his co-author Elizabeth Fox-Genovese has written articles on her
>own strongly stamped by the Dobb thesis. ("The Physiocratic Model and the
>Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism", Journal of European Economic
>History, Winter 1975).
>Louis Proyect
>Marxism mailing list:

Lou, Genovese misapplies Dobb, just as he misappropriates Gramsci
(especially his idea of "consent" developed in his thoughts on
"hegemony").  More specifically, Genovese misapplies the Dobb thesis
on the transition from feudalism to capitalism by applying it to an
analysis of "slave economies" at _every_ stage of their development.
(Besides, that Genovese cites Dobb & Gramsci, among others, does not
mean that they would have agreed with Genovese!)

Anyhow, which part of Dobb's thoughts on chattel slavery is
objectionable to you, and why?  Are they really, really similar to


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