Older men and younger women

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>I've unfortunately (and accidentally) deleted the digest where Lou P
responded to my last post, so I can't repond in detail to the specific
points he makes.

This explains why he got it as muddled as he did.  John, you have confused
my reply to you with my reply to Phil.

>Lou P cites cases in Afghanistan and other third world countries to support
his case that relationships between older men and younger women are
"potentially" oppressive.

This was all in reply to Phil.  Phil's position was that only in the
"Puritan" US would anyone care about such things.  I came up with a few
random counterexamples.

>Such relationships are obviously nothing like the case of Nicolle Smith

And?  Why do we keep coming back to this irrelevant individual?

All right, John, let me come back to you.  You got into this argument by
responding to Anthony, who wrote that most heterosexual relationships were
"probably oppressive".  Anthony didn't specify a country; presumably he
meant "in the world".  You contended that most "normal" heterosexual
relationships were NOT oppressive.  I pressed you to elaborate.  Instead,
you reply that women in New Zealand have won a lot of elected offices.  This
is good news, but it doesn't speak to the point, particularly since, as we
know, elected offices are window-dressing.  However, you believe that these
events in New Zealand "must surely lead us to reassess the theories we have
relied on in the past to explain women's oppression" and that "the theory of
patriarchy as a key element of capitalism is seriously in need of review.
Capitalism in New Zealand has no problem giving any and all of the top jobs
to women."  Please don't be offended, though, if I touch delicately on the
fact that New Zealand is not exactly central to the capitalist metropole,
and that the rest of the imperialist world is not necessarily foredoomed to
follow New Zealand's example.  In any case, the private sphere will be the
LAST sphere in which equality is achieved, sometime AFTER equality in wages,
which, you concede, you have not got yet.

Lou Paulsen

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