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> Gary wrote:
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> >> > As for the Irish Stalinists, as a member of the central committee
> >> > explained to me, there were Protestant Communists and Catholic
> >> > Communists.  The Catholics tended to be softer (marginally) on
> >> > nationalism.
> Actually, the CPI was a rather bizarre organisation.  For a whole period
> time it even recognised partition and divided into two CPs - one north and
> one south. #snip#

> Philip Ferguson

Perhaps if Communists in Ireland are being discussed someone would like to
say something about the British and Irish Communist Organisation (BICO - or
the "Peking Branch of the Orange Order" as I've heard them described as).
 I don't really know too much about them, but from what I understand they
were a Maoist group that in the 70's decided that "Ulster" was an oppressed
nation and should be independent. A position that put them in line with some
on the UVF wing of Loyalism. They were very active in support of the "Ulster
Workers Council" (1974?) and, so I believe, even produced it's "strike
 Anyone know what happened to them?

James Tait.

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