Older men and younger women

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John Edmundson wrote:

> >To return to the point I made at the start of this >post, we can't begin to
>understand these issues if >we lump together the experience of all women, >whether in
>advanced capitalist countries or in >villages still primarily governed by
>pre-capitalist >religious practice.
> >Cheers,
> >John E

>From a Marxist point of view, this is not quite correct. Linking the oppression of
>women to religion is to imply that women's oppression is rooted in religion and
>therefore capitalism, unlike religion, liberates women. The fact of the matter is
>that capitalism liberates (advances) only certain classes of women, whereas it
>continues to take advantage of women at the bottom of the hierarchy-- that are, poor
>women, working class women, third world women, etc. So experiences of women are not
>the same, TRUE, but this is not because of religion; this is because of capitalism .
>Moreover, capitalism transforms traditional practices too. It is no surprising that,
>in many Islamic countries, women *do* actually engage in prostitution. Please, don't
>tell me that the women who are forced to prostitution in Afghanistan and are
>trafficked from Kabul to Pakistan at extraordinarily high prices are governed by
>"pre-capitalist religious practices" or that they can't *consent* due to religion, o!
whatever. In Afghanistan, oppressiveness of traditional practices *combined* with
economic sanctions imposed on the country by imperialist forces forced many women to
choose prostitution, because their economic livelihoods were threatened. They were
insecure.  In the third world, prostitution is part of the "international sex trade"
that draws massive numbers of women into sex industry, due to increasing poverty and
deteriorating circumstances caused by capitalism. Someone has to bear the costs of
*global inequalities more than others, and it is generally the impoverished women of
imperialized countries.  Yes, sisterhood is not global.



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