Older men, younger women

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Tue Nov 7 22:43:59 MST 2000


> Actually, it doesn't involve any power relation different than that
> a young man and a young woman either.

I've been lurking my way through this debate, but this line is wrong.
Personally, I am engaged in two things in a long term sense: One, that
I can find a way to help fight for the end of Imperialism, nay,
capitalism here and abroad. However, two is to see that if the one
thing I am working towards is not fully successful that I not gamble
everything and end up a 65 year old homeless victim of capital. In
other words, as I grow older I intend to be "financially secure", and
most men who are "secure" have passed their "vital youth". What this
sentence needs to be correct is that the man not be able to "provide"
for his younger partner. Older, "secure" gay males certainly can be
exploitive is using their money as the carrot in a relationship as

This argument is talking about which is more important: The young
omans desire (which is not a moral or class question), or her need to
latch on to a higher income bracket, which, short of dating a
professional athlete, usually means partnering with a man quite some
her senior.


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