All right, the US election is over..

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Wed Nov 8 03:31:43 MST 2000

> All right, the miserable U.S. bourgeois sham rich white man's fake
> in bullshit, capitalist media hype, propaganda, brainwashing, lies
> confusion is over.  AT LAST.  GOOD RIDDANCE.  HOORAY!!  YAHOO!!

Oh, no it's not. This tremendous confusion gives a lot of you down
South a tremendous organizing advantage right now: You are on the
verge of a constitutional crisis! The major media are going to try
very hard to use this close election as a means of saying "see?
bourgeois democracy works!", but you can spin it the opposite way. I
expected that I would simply turn on CNN for three minutes, fina out
who won the election and go back to other things. It hasn't worked out
that way, even close. Nader has polled just under 100 000 votes in
Florida and the 2 main candidates are within 20 000 votes nationally
(according to a 97% return). There is a great chance that the victor
of the electoral college will not have the popular vote in what is
essentially a two party (or 1 and 1/2) system. This will cause a
chance for American activists to challenge the legitimacy of the
franchise itself. I suggest that people not hammer on about the
obvious: that the parties are both serving the same class, but rather,
for the time being, discuss what a pathetic system you are being
handed. Think about it: Americans are asked to pick between just 2
parties and 2 men and can't even make their decision stick.


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