All right, the US election is over..

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el 8 Nov 00, a las 2:37, Macdonald Stainsby dijo:

> ... This will cause a
> chance for American activists to challenge the legitimacy of the
> franchise itself. I suggest that people not hammer on about the
> obvious: that the parties are both serving the same class, but rather,
> for the time being, discuss what a pathetic system you are being
> handed. Think about it: Americans are asked to pick between just 2
> parties and 2 men and can't even make their decision stick.

Allow me to have a saying on a reality I do not actually know. The
most urgent task seems to be to fight for the right of what may
curiously be seen by Americans as an "undemocratic" law: that vote be

Compulsory vote would force the State to ensure that everyone has a
chance to vote, thus forcing decissions such as making election days
non-laborable, ensuring transit of people to their voting place, and
so on.  And compulsory vote would allow for a space in the "last
minute solution" for the Left and progressives in general: to vote
blank to delegitimize any of the candidates.

OK, OK, I know I should not have said the above...

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