All right, the US election is over..

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Wed Nov 8 08:42:01 MST 2000

>> What is really needed though is the
abolition of the current wiiner-take-all electoral system
which effectively locks into place the existing two-party
(really one party with two wings) system. << Jim F

Yes, that would be nice, but right now the Electoral College is totally
exposed as the archaic anti-democratic institution that it is.

Mainstream liberals of the Democratic party ilk will not lead a serious
struggle to abolish it, since they might possibly benefit from it in the
future. Their own fortunes weigh far more heavily for them than the
democratic rights of the working class.

So that leave genuine small d democrats, marxists and the most advanced
workers to take up the cudgels. It's an opportunity not to be missed.

Jon Flanders

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