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Dayne Goodwin dayneg at
Wed Nov 8 11:03:10 MST 2000

Hi Mike,
        I put those two Nov. 7 posts on the list so that list readers
would have that information to consider along with your anti-Nader
generalizations - and I recommend again referring back to those posts
after reading your most recent comments here.
        I did not say that these posts disprove your continued repetition
of the widely known fact that Ralph Nader was not a leading activist in
the civil rights movement.  In fact *I* didn't say anything.  I didn't
even quibble about one of my post's observations concerning Nader's
weaknesses as an opponent of racism[which you then quote, against me!].
        I appreciate your general comments on the nature of Green parties,
although again I think they are widely understood on this list.  I have
tried to explain my view that the Nader campaign provided useful terrain
for educating about the need for political independence from the two
capitalist parties.  I think those Labor Party supporters who did so were
right on in their tactical decision to build Labor for Nader committees
and educate among trade unionists about the need for working class
political independence.
        see ya', Dayne
        - - - - - - - - -
On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, mike pearn wrote:
        [snip first 90% of post]

> Finally a brief comment on Dayne Goodwins defense of Naders
> anti-racist credentials and his posting of a statement on same by
> Nader. Its curious that all of Naders evidence as to his record in
> fighting racism refers to not to supporting the struggles of Black
> people against Police racism or for Civil Rights but to points on his
> program. Even if we examine these statements we will find nothing here
> that is specific to the needs of Black people generally still less to
> Black workers. Thus in education Nader says he is an anti-racist
> because he opposes cuts which disproportionately hit Black people.
> Fine but this is not a question specific to Black people it is a class
> issue. Indeed the reporter from The Black World Today comments on what
> he calls Naders universalistic approach. Race blind would be more
> accurate. But to go one step further it is a strange and poor
> anti-racism that is to be confined to electoral politics and the court
> room. Nader has lived through a series of struggles that have simply
> passed him we would be fools to forget that he has no record of active
> participation in struggles for Black liberation.

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