All right, the US election is over,,,

Richard Fidler rfidler at
Wed Nov 8 13:34:14 MST 2000

>>We must ask that common sense and decency prevail here
with this election. Al Gore is the choice of the people. To
go against that single, explicit fact would do more damage
to an already cynical electorate than I want to imagine.
Once again we had the same sad situation yesterday when
half the country didn't even vote! Can we afford to have
more citizens lose even more faith in our democracy?

- Michael Moore<<

Crap. What's with the U.S. "left" that it gets all worked up about getting the
"citizens" to regain their "faith in _our_ democracy"?

I suspect it is far more accurate to say that neither Gush nor Bore was the
people's choice. Given the U.S. political landscape, isn't it positive that
about half the electorate doesn't bother to vote?

Vive la farce électorale....

Richard Fidler
rfidler at

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