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Wed Nov 8 21:22:08 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >  > >I want to put in my two cents' worth on behalf of >Yoshie. I
> >don't know what
> >>  >Yoshie has been posting to other lists,
> >
> >In the past, I asked Yoshie not to cc or forward my comments to
> >other list servs,
> >that is all. I am not a subscriber of pen-l. I am a subscriber of
> >marxism list serv.
> >So only discussion here binds me.
> >
> >Xxxx
> >Xxxx, initially, I commented upon your post on >Genovese,
> >Fogel/Engerman, Wallerstein, etc. that Lou posted >on PEN-L.

In any case, we are not gonna resolve this issue here. Lou did _not_
post my _replies_ to you or anyone else here on pen-l. He ONCE posted
the _text_ itself-- what  I wrote on Genovese, Wallerstein,
Fogel/Engelman, etc. That is all. Furthermore, I am not talking about
Lou's post here. I am talking about the _number_ of times you cc'd my
comments to pen-l as you were replying to me here. This is what you did
during the prostitution debate too. So, there is a history to your
cc'ing activities. Brenner debate was the last drop. Therefore, whoever
replied to my post there remained unreplied because I am not a
subscriber of pen-l. Frankly, I neither have the _financial resources_
nor the time to stay on line forever to check out who speculates about
my post in the cyber space. My budget is only available for a limited
time (since costs increases as you stay on line), which I want to spend
for marxism list only. I  *just* hope you will take into consideration
the constraints of list members and not cc their replies elsewhere,
especially if they repeatedly but still patiently asked you not to do

> >BTW, you might re-subscribe to PEN-L, for I think >you might have a
> >lot in common with Mathew Forstater, Colin Danby, >etc. on the
> >question of capitalism & slavery.

No, merci. Realistically,  I have to consume less time in the cyber
space and pay more attention to my Ph.D., as you might well consider.


> Yoshie


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