Male Supremacy, Sexism, & the Workers' Movement

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Nov 9 07:06:09 MST 2000

>>> JWE21 at 11/09/00 02:44AM >>>

> John Edmundson wrote:
> >  between older men and younger women are "potentially" oppressive.
> That seems a careful statement -- they certainly are potentially
> oppressive and I don't see why anyone would dispute the position so
> stated. No one that I know of says they are *always* oppressive.

As I said, I do know people who do, or at least did claim this. Of
course it is an empty statement to simply say, without context,
that such relationships are "potentially" oppressive. The context
was the assumption that they "usually are", made by Anthony and
supported by Lou Poulson.


CB: It is logic analogous to that of statutory rape laws. Below a certain age there is
no consent, and there is a presumed impermissable power differential.

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