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Hi Lou:

Below are the almost complete Presidential election returns according to
the Associate Press. I think the most interesting numbers are the votes for
Nader and Buchanon. And then the votes for the SWP, Monica Moorehead and
the SP.

I would be very interested in knowing about local election results for
Green Party candidates, and for other local candidates to the left of the
Democratic Party - if anyone on this list can provide them, I would
appreciate it.

I spent about an hour today looking, and came up with a few interesting

The Progressive Party in Vermont got 9% of the vote for its gubernatorial
candidate, the Greens ran only one gubernatorial candidate - Lavoy Reed in
Missouri - and got less than 1% of the vote, and the Libertarians ran lots
of candidates, recieving more votes ussually than the Reform Party candidates

School vouchers were defeated everywhere - another sign that the right-wing
offensive has lost all momentum.

In San Francisco the Democratic Party machine is split between Mayor Willie
Brown, and Tom Ammiano. Amminao is the leader of the gay community, while
Brown is the black attorney who is part of the traditional Democratic party
machine. Brown's candidates, despite big money backing have been forced
into run-offs in all elections for members of the Board of Supervisors -
the only two not in run-offs are those of Ammino and Gavin Newsome (son of
the Federal Judge who was the Getty family lawyer, Newsome  ran unopposed
in his very bourgeois district.)

In Vermont the anti-gay reaction failed, supporters of civic union maintain
control of the state Senate, while opponents gained control of the State
house of Representatives.

Voter Preference                Votes           Percentages
Al Gore (D)                     48,572,136      48.3%
George W. Bush (R)              48,329,891      48.0%
Ralph Nader (G)                 2,642,151       2.6%
Patrick J. Buchanan (Ref)       440,014         0.4%
Harry Browne (LP)               381,062         0.4%
Howard Phillips (AI)            100,777         0.1%
John Hagelin (NL)               87,674          0.1%
James Harris (SWP)              21,131          0.0%
L. Neil Smith (LP)              5,181           0.0%
Monica Moorehead                4,304           0.0%
David McReynolds (Soc)          4,111           0.0%
None of the Above (Oth)         3,315           0.0%
Denny Lane (GRP)                850             0.0%
Louie Youngkeit (Ind)           739             0.0%
Randall Venson (Ind)            547             0.0%
Jim Wright (Oth)                        23              0.0%
Gloria Strickland (Oth)                         0 %
Joe Schriner (Oth)                              0 %

Ballots In: 99%


Louis Proyect
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