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>Hi Lou:
>Below are the almost complete Presidential election returns according to
>the Associate Press. I think the most interesting numbers are the votes for
>Nader and Buchanon. And then the votes for the SWP, Monica Moorehead and
>the SP.

Thanks for posting this.  The socialist vote totals depend a lot on in what
states the candidates were able to get on the ballot.  Anyone know what
states the SWP got its votes from?  I know they were on in a lot of states.

WWP was on the ballot in only four states - Florida, Rhode Island,
Washington, and Wisconsin.  Of those, we only have a full branch in
Washington state.  In each of those states, Moorehead had the most socialist
votes.  McReynolds was second, and Harris third.

Of course the problem is that if you really pursue a full-scale 'electoral
strategy' and get on ballots in the maximum number of states it basically
prevents you from doing any other political work for about six months.
Everyone is just standing on street corners asking people to sign petitions.
Readers from outside the US may not know what this is about.  The rules are
different in all the states.  In Illinois, in order to get on the ballot, we
would need to collect signatures of 25,000 registered voters on petitions to
"form a new party".  The four states where we got on the ballot are the four
where it was easiest.

Lou Paulsen

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