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>I would be very interested in knowing about local election results for
>Green Party candidates, and for other local candidates to the left of the
>Democratic Party - if anyone on this list can provide them, I would
>appreciate it.

Anthony, this might be interesting. It came from the Morenoite newspaper in
California, if I am not mistaken.


From: Frontlines Newspaper  <progress at>
Date: Thu Nov 9, 2000 1:41am
Subject: Nader Electoral Results and Points and Strongholds

Nader Electoral Results and Strongholds or Don't Cry For the Vote, Democrats!

Compiled by Frontlines Staff

Before our report, a note:

To win the Presidency, 270 votes in the Electoral College are needed.
Presently Gore has 260 Electoral College and Bush has 246.  Everyone knows
about the controversy about the 25 Electoral College votes from Florida.
But Gore is in this predicament and a Constitutional crisis is threatening
the undemocratic bipartisan system because Nader blocked the Democratic
Party in Oregon, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

Democrats say that Nader's 2% in Florida was the definitive factor on this
mess. But, they conveniently forgot Oregon, where Bush won the 7 Electoral
College votes by 48% against 46% (Gore) of the popular vote, because of the
5% obtained by Nader; Gore also lost the 4 Electoral College votes in New
Hampshire to Bush for a mere 1% of the popular vote and Nader got 4% in
that state.

Gore may lose another 11 Electoral College votes (still not assigned) in
Wisconsin where he is locked in an struggle with Bush at 48%-48% and Nader
obtained 4%.

Without Nader in the race, Gore totals today would be 282 Electoral College
votes, 12 over the 270 needed to be the next President of the US.  This is
just the beginning.  Maybe in the next election the vote of the Left will
also change the balance in the Congressional, Senate and many local races.
That would be an excellent initiative if we consider that today, both the
House and the Senate are split 50%-50% giving the two parties the excuse to
continue marching together towards the right.

Now the Nader vote State by State:

U.S. TOTAL VOTE FOR NADER: 2.7 Millions or 3%

Alabama       1%

Alaska         10%

Arkansas      1%

California      4%
Alameda County: 6%; Los Angeles: 4%; Butte: 7%; Humboldt: 13%; Marin: 7%;
San Francisco: 8%; Mendocino: 15%; Santa Cruz: 10%

Colorado      5%
Boulder: 12%; Garfield: 9%; Gunnison: 13%; La Plata: 12%; Larimer: 7%;
Pilkin: 13%

Connecticut   4%
City of New Haven: 6%

Delaware:     3%

Florida:         2%
This percentage actually provoked the "Constitutional Crisis" and the
uncovering of organized fraud and irregularities in the electoral process.
Both Democrats and Republicans are locked in a 49% to 49% struggle in the
State that will give the winner the necessary 25 Electoral College votes to
decide who will be the next President of the US. Nader: "I feel that Gore
prevented my victory in Florida."

Georgia:      1%

Hawaii:        6%
Nader obtained 9% in the Island of Hawaii, the largest of the state.

Illinois:         2%
Chicago:      3%

Indiana:        2%

Kansas:       3%

Kentucky:     2%

Louisiana:    1%

Maine:           6%

Kentucky:     2%

Maryland:     3%

Mass.           6%
Arlington 9%; Ashfield 19%; Boston 7 %; Amherst 14%

Michigan      2%

Minnesota     5%

Minneapolis 10%; St. Paul 8%

Mississippi   1%

Missouri        2%

Montana        6%
Gallatin 8%; Missoula 15%

Nebraska      3%

Nevada          2%

New Hampshire 4%

New Jersey    3%

New Mexico    4%

New York State 4%

New York City: 5%; City of Albany: 7%; Buffalo: 6%; Tompkins: 11%

North Dakota   3%

Ohio                 3%

Oregon            5%
This state was firmly on the democratic Party's accounting book.  But the
support for Nader deprived them of a victory. Gore got 46% and Bush 48%
City of Multnumak: 6%

Pennsylvania         2%

Rhode Island         6%

City of Providence: 8%

South Carolina        2%

South Dakota          1%

Tennessee               1%
This is Gore's home state.  He lost it to Bush 51% to 48%.  As Nader said:
"Only Gore can beat Gore."

Texas                  2%
Hays: 7%; Galveston: 3%; Travis: 10%

Utah                    5%
Salt Lake City (Mormonland): 7%; Summit: 9%

Vermont             7%
City of Burlington: 14%

Virginia:                  2%

Washington St.      4%
City of Seattle:       5%

Washington, DC    5%

W. Virginia             2%

Wisconsin              4%
Here Gore and Bush are frozen at 48% each.  The State had not been called.
Nader got 6% in Dodge City; 7% in Portage; 5% in Milwakee

Louis Proyect
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