Male Supremacy, Sexism, & the Workers' Movement

John Edmundson JWE21 at
Thu Nov 9 13:35:14 MST 2000

> As I said, I do know people who do, or at least did claim this (that all
such heterosexual relationships are oppressive). Of
> course it is an empty statement to simply say, without context, that
> such relationships are "potentially" oppressive. The context was the
> assumption that they "usually are", made by Anthony and supported by
> Lou Poulson.
> (((((((((((
> CB: It is logic analogous to that of statutory rape laws. Below a
> certain age there is no consent, and there is a presumed impermissable
> power differential.
I agree Charles. I specifically excluded child sex from my defense
of sex across a wide age barrier.
John Edmundson

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