All right, the US election is over..

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Thu Nov 9 20:55:00 MST 2000

[written wed. morning around 9 a.m. Got held up by a computer glitch]

God, don't I wish!!!

By the time three or four a.m. came around, people in the control rooms were
joking that perhaps they should call Florida for Nader, it was the only
thing we HADN'T donde yet.

The world's "most important" network, and all the "unimportant," ones, too,
served themselves generours helpings of egg all over their collective faces
repeatedly throughout the night and early morning.

First there was the great Florida exit poll fiasco. The survey of about 1800
voters showed Gore with a strong lead, and when this was confirmed by the
early returns from key precincts, VNS, the consortium that does all the
actual polling and vote count collecting, called the Florida race for Gore.
But as a Bush lead over Gore widened to more than 150,000 votes with
three-fourths of the precincts reporting, the call was retracted in the wee
hours of the morning. Looking at Bush's commanding lead, commentators
insisted a Gore win was impossible.

Over the next coupleof hours, as the percentage of precincts reporting
crawled into the 80s and then the 90s, Gore's chances went from it being
impossible for him to win, to it taking a near miracle, to highy unlikely,
to possible though not likely, back to utterluy impossible followed very
shortly thereafter to a parhad 40-60 or 50-50 proposition. The difference
between the two candidates was bouncing wildly, but with a steadily downward
trend overall. It got to within 20,000 votes, and the Bush seemed to rally,
broadening the lead of 50,000 votes. At that point, with only about 5% of
the polling places missing, The networks called Florida, and the
presidential race as a whole, for Bush.

    Al Gore --always the good little boyscout-- gracefully called the Texas
guv and congratulated him on his victory. Then a Florida state election
official said wait a minute, the officials had a better count than the
networks (who at this point were showing a Bush lead of 12,000 or so votes)
and the difference between the two men was only about 1200 votes. There was
then a period of total confusion with some CNN analysts reporting on one
network that, in reality, Florida and therefore the presidency was still a
tossup, interspersed with comments by the anchors and reporting on other CNN
networks that Bush had won Florida and therefore the White House.

    Eventually CNN got through to an election official in Florida, and even
as the network's graphics continued to designate Bush the winner, the
official explained that as the tally stood there was a 12-hundres vote
difference between the two men and many thousand of votes still to be
counted, including a couple of dozen precincts, absentee ballots in four
counties, and an unknown number of votes from Americans abroad whose ballots
would still count provided they were postmarked no later than election day
and arrived within ten days. Bernie Shaw announced that one could no longer
say with confidence that Bush had won Florida,

    CNN's automated graphics then briefly uncalled the Florida race, and the
presidency, for Bush (whether this originated inside the network or with the
VNS consortium was unclear, as was whether it was a conscious editorial
decision or some sort of accident or glitch; this was immediately followed
by a redesignation of Bush as  Florida and national winner, and finally by a
conscious decision to designate both the Florida race and the presidency too
close to call.

It looks like it'll be at least a day or two more of electoral cretinism.


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All right, the miserable U.S. bourgeois sham rich white man's fake exercise
in bullshit, capitalist media hype, propaganda, brainwashing, lies and
confusion is over.  AT LAST.  GOOD RIDDANCE.  HOORAY!!  YAHOO!!  IT'S OVER!!
Now maybe we can get some progressive work done.  We're going to have to go
around awakening the whole rest of the movement from its drugged state.

Lou Paulsen

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