To Lou Paulsen

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Nov 9 21:00:45 MST 2000

Lou Paulsen writes:

>As I have locked horns (to use a very macho metaphor) with Phil Ferguson
>about more than one issue, I think that to be fair I should express my
>gratitude to him for his knowledgeable and revolutionary analysis on this
>list of the Irish struggle.


And I admire the work your party does on anti-imperialist questions.

The disagreements we have are, in my view, legitimate disagreements among
Marxists - inevitable in a world of change.

No doubt we'll disagree on some things in the future, and no doubt we'll
agree on other things.

It's one of the strengths of this list that these kinds of disagreements
can take place and at the end of it we can all still acknowledge we're
fighting on the same side with more in common than there is dividing us.


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