Saudi increasingly vexed by US Mideast policy

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Capitalist Saudis seek US mandate without Isreal getting involved in the
internal affairs Arabic countries-- What an apologia combined with
unrealism!! Xxxx

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Middle East Times, No 3, 2000

Saudi increasingly vexed by US Mideast policy

Suleiman Nimr RIYADH

Saudi Arabia has found itself increasingly vexed by US policy in the
Middle East, warning Washington that it must take into consideration its
interests in the kingdom, its main Arab ally.

"For the Saudi leaders, some officials at the US State Department and
the White House have sided with Israel and do not take into
consideration US interests in the Arab world," one western diplomat told

Saudi Arabia has grown increasingly critical of US policy in the region
since deadly Israeli-Palestinian clashes broke out at the end of

The cabinet on Monday urged Washington to pressure Israel to put an end
to the violence.


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