[Fwd: [BRC-ANN] Quote of the Day: Howie Hawkins]

Art McGee mcgee at SPAMwell.com
Fri Nov 10 10:20:56 MST 2000

> Hello Carrol, did you notice that Howie's comment was
> from after the 1996 election?

Duh, of course the comment was from 1997, which was what
made it so compelling, and the reason I posted it.

The whole point is that the issues that are being debated
HAVEN'T CHANGED in 4 years, and that to me is SCARY.

It was also important because it pointed out the DISTINCTION
between the rank and file of the Green Party or the Green
Party as a whole, and the Nader campaign itself. A lot of
IDIOTS like to look at the Nader campaign and it's mistakes
and use that to denigrate the entire party. Howie's quote
shows that the members are more conscious of the racial and
other issues people were bitching about, than people have
given them credit for. The point is, don't blame the entire
party for Nader's mistakes.

> My guess is that Howie wouldn't be as critical of
> Nader's campaign this year.


Howie, who is one of the Reds in the Greens, is as critical
of the Nader candidacy today ON THIS ISSUE as he was then.
His analysis has NOT changed, which was another reason the
quote was so damn fascinating.

See, the quote was only addressing the issue of the attempt
to forge a COLOR-BLIND anti-corporate politics. While Howie
was much more enthusiastic about the Nader candidacy this
time around, and is a strong supporter, his critique of the
racial blindness of the campaign has NOT changed. The quote
was not speaking of the campaign as a whole, but only one
aspect of the way the campaign was waged. THAT didn't
change, and THAT was what caught my eye.

Trust me, unlike most people you may know, when I post
something, I know exactly what I'm doing.


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