Arabs and Israelis take up battle in cyberspace

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Fri Nov 10 11:22:34 MST 2000

> Walid added that the attacks may get fiercer, with an email war between
> Israel and Arabs seeing an exchange of viruses designed to crash
> systems.
> More websites are being built to attack Israeli sites. One is [
>]. Its front page has Hezbollah's logo
> with the word "UNITY." Similar to an earlier website,
> [] 2000, it instructs users to target
> Israeli websites by pressing on a button that initiates hits on these
> sites every second in an attempt to overload and eventually cripple
> them.
> An email circulated about the website urges users to log on and help
> defend Hezbollah. Hackers have since broken into a Hezbollah website
> which was downed last week,, and replaced its
> home page with an image of an Israeli flag and an instrumental recording
> of "Hatikva," the Israeli national anthem.

[Ranwa Yehia, "Arabs and Israelis take up battle in cyberspace"]

The cyberwar has been brough to these sites as well, showing that the
zionista rem is indeed quite long.

Accessing the URL reveals that,
"the page or file that you're looking for is not here."

While, the maintainers of
have put up the following message:

> The bandwidth providers to our ISP, after receiving many
> complaints from Zionists and their supporters in the UK,
> have threatened to cut off our internet connection if this
> site was not removed. We have therefore removed this
> site in order to keep the rest of online.
> Most sincere apologies,
> The team is back up, however, after being down for a
while after getting hacked.

- Juan

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