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>Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:
>> En relación a Hi there!,
>> el 9 Nov 00, a las 22:47, Partija rada dijo:
>> I'm just wondering is it there someone interested into Marxist-
>> Leninist party Partija rada, from Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Maybe someone
>> wish to know more about last events here? Anyway, I'm here...
>> Milan
>> I am sure that many people would like to know what does Partija rada
>> have to tell us on Milosevic and the events in Yugoslavia.
>> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
>> gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar
>Yes, I would like to hear more about what Partija rada has to tell us on
>Milosovic. Evidently, we have not heard about events in Yugo or elsewhere
>for a while. What do Marxist-Leninist parties think about workers'
>strikes against Milosovic?

I already answered to first question. There's only need to explain our
position toward strikes.
First strikes emerged on October 2nd, when Vojislav Kostunica called people
on general civil disobedience. On 05.00 AM people start with making of
barricades on roads, railroads, crossroads... Just a few hours later great
part of the country was on strike. Major role has miners strike at Kolubara.
There was sent army to prevent the strike. But the people from surrounding
cities and villages come to the mines and give a help to the miners. These
strikes and barricades lasts till October 5th when people removed barricades
just to open the road to Belgrade. Then police start to build barricades but
they was crashed in early morning.
Anyway, our point of view is that we warmly regard these strikes and all
events which was organized by the people, simply because they presents a
part of democratic revolution which we had here. And when we are talking
about democratic revolution, it is clear Marxist-Leninist point of view that
democratic revolution is an interlude to the socialist revolution.

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