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             The Internet Anti-Fascist: Friday, 10 November 2000
                          Vol. 4, Number 91 (#486)

Action Alert:
    11 & 18 Nov: U.S. multi-cities: U.S. Election Protest Demonstrations
    AntiFascistisk Aktion-Sweden, "Next stop Gothenburg!," 8 Nov 00
FBI Arrests Nationalist Leader Alex Curtis
    Tom Metzger (White Aryan Resistance), "W.A.R. Alert," 10 Nov 00
    Pauline Repard and Kelly Thornton (San Diego Union-Tribune), "Officials
       have conducted yearlong investigation; arraignment Monday," 10 Nov 00
Ongoing News Coverage on Compensation for Holocaust Victims
    Andy Altman-Ohr (Jewish Bulletin of Northern California), "Bay Area
       Holocaust lawsuit targets Vatican Bank and CIA," 7 Nov 00
Ongoing News Coverage on Net Sale of Nazi Items
    AP, "Experts testify in French Yahoo! case over Nazi memorabilia." 6 Nov
    Bloomberg, "Panel: Yahoo! can block access to Nazi items -- Experts say
       portal can block French users from accessing U.S. auction sites," 6
       Nov 00
    Katrina Nicholas (Sydney Morning Herald), "Nazi bans in Europe do not
       sway auction sites," 8 Nov 00
Rightwing Quote of the Week:
    Concerning the Second Forgery of the "Protocols ...."
What's Worth Checking: 10 stories



U.S. Election Protest Demonstrations

Saturday 11 & 18 Nov Pro-Democracy Protests: 1PM

If election "irregularities" in one state are allowed to invalidate the
nation's popular vote, then democracy is in real trouble. This site is a
listing of protest locations for Saturday 11/11 & 11/18, 1PM. Check the
list and email <countercoup at >to nominate a site in your city.
Response to this idea has been enormous. Traffic to the site is doubling
each day. Show up to the protests with (or without) signs, bullhorns, and
cell phones to call friends and your local media. Call the media NOW so
they know this is happening and start talking about it: cbs 212-975-4321,
abc 212-456-7777, nbc 212-664-4444, cnn 404-827-1500

[While these actions are not directly related to fascism they are of
interest to a significant section of the anti-fascist movement and so fit
in the general editorial guidelines. --  tallpaul]



Next stop Gothenburg!
AntiFascistisk Aktion-Sweden
8 Nov 00

The EU Top meeting during the summer of 2001 will be held the 14th to 16th
of June in Gothenburg, Sweden.

A wide range of Swedish extra-parliamentary groups, networks, organisations
and unions are all planning events, actions, seminars and demonstrations in
Gothenburg during this time. AntiFascistisk Aktion-Sweden is among them. In
order to keep you informed of all the latest developments and provide
useful information, AFA-Sweden has established a special GBG 2001 website.
Surf to <>

Amsterdam, Cologne, Prague: Next stop Gothenburg!



W.A.R. Alert
Tom Metzger (White Aryan Resistance)
10 Nov 00

This afternoon, Alex Curtis, well-known Racial Activist from San Diego
California was arrested by FBI Agents at his home. At this time I am not
sure of the charge. I will give further information as time passes. Curtis
is being held at the downtown Federal detention Center in San Diego.

The FBI raided the Curtis Home this afternoon Thursday carrying away all
books, computers and records. More will follow.

I suggest heightened security precautions at this time since it is never
known if a general sweep has begun. Please report any Federal contact ASAP.

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Bay Area Holocaust lawsuit targets Vatican Bank and CIA
Andy Altman-Ohr (Jewish Bulletin of Northern California )
7 Nov 00

In a fight to win restitution for people like 84-year-old Allan Herskovich
of El Cerrito -- a native of what was formerly Yugoslavia who lost his
parents and other family members at Auschwitz -- two lawyers are taking on
a couple of formidable opponents, the CIA and the Vatican Bank.

Tom Easton and Jonathan Levy, who represent Herskovich and 27 other
plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed last year, continued their push two weeks ago
by asking a federal judge in San Francisco to get the Vatican Bank to
divulge its ownership.



    We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.
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