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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Fri Nov 10 17:55:24 MST 2000

>At 04:25 PM 11/10/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hello Yoshie, i agree with everything you say except for a quibble on the
>>last sentence.  i agree with Art that Howie, a strong supporter of the
>>Nader/Green Party campaign, undoubtedly and justifiably has the same basic
>>analysis today.  But my guess is that Howie would not be "as critical as
>>ever" of the Nader/Green campaign but would note some progress between
>>1996 and 2000. see ya', Dayne
>>      - - - - - - - -
>One thing that did not make the national press (surprise-surprise) was
>Nader's appearance in Harlem last week at a standing room only meeting
>organized by Al Sharpton. He was very well received apparently.
>Louis Proyect

Yes, but an insurgent campaign cannot count on the mass media (unless
it is run for a Ross Perot).  Before the election day, heated debates
were going on among liberals & leftists in Columbus, Ohio -- at
meetings, on e-lists, in the student newspaper, & during
informal/spontaneous discussions at home, at work, on campus, & in
the streets.  To my knowledge, local Nader/Green activists never
brought up Nader's apparently successful Harlem appearance when
Yellow Dog Dems challenged them on black voters' continued preference
for the Dems.  So I infer that Nader/Green campaigners here were not
too well acquainted with this fact either.  Besides, the Harlem
appearance came a little too late in the campaign; there should have
been hundreds of thousands of similar if smaller meetings in black
communities nationwide from the first day of the campaign to the
last.  The same goes for feminist issues, though in this case
organizing such fora would have been even more difficult, because
feminists, unlike African-Americans, do not have "communities" to
speak of.  Doing so would have neutralized the Dem supporters'
last-minute scare tactics on race & gender issues (which probably
cost the Greens many a vote) to a large extent, I believe.  More
importantly, such meetings would have become nuclei for a future
mobilization, creating a new network or reviving a dormant one.


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