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Dear colleague:

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the updating and
development of critical social theory through an international call for
the First Electronic Congress on the Updating of Das Kapital.

The Congress will be initiated with the submission of papers
inspired on
the the following questions:

1.      Which is, at present, the most important theoretical problem
the social science?

2.      Has capitalism changed since the death of Karl Marx?

3.      Which are, at present,  the outlooks of socialism?

Contributions may refer to the above three subjects or to one of
them and
should not exceed 5000 words. Contributions  may be written in
any of the
following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and
English. The
abstracts should not exceed 250 words in the original language or


·        First registration: until November 15 of 2000: mailing of the
curriculum vitae indicating  category of participation according to the
followig classification: 1) expositor; b) commentator and c)
attendant .
For categories b) and c) registration will be opened  during  the

·        Submission of contributions: until November 30 of 2000.

·        Opening of Congress: December 15 of 2000.  Contributions
considered appropriate by the Organizing Committee will be
published in
the corresponding WEB page.

·        Admission of the first round of comments: until December 26

·        Answers: until January 10 of 2001.

·        Selection of 5 contributions to be examined by referees for
future publication in the Journal "Updating of Das Kapital" Nr. I.

 Invitations are issued by:

 Pablo Levín (UBA-Argentina)
Alejandro Valle Baeza (UNAM-Méjico).
Jorge Marchini (UBA-Argentina)
Rolando Ruiz Valiente (Universidad de La Habana-Cuba)
Frank Thompson (Universidad de Michigan-E.E.U.U.)


Ingrid Bleynat (UBA-Argentina)
Eduardo Crespo (UBA-Argentina)
Guido Cataife (UBA-Argentina)
Axel Kicillof  (UBA-Argentina)
Beatriz Valeiras (UBA-Argentina)

Contact: plevin at econ.uba.ar, ak at aper.net

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