US Electoral College

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat Nov 11 05:09:58 MST 2000

It's a bourgeois "electoral" system....

next question??

p.s. Comrades should be loving this, for there is absolutely *no*
precedent for this, and they have no constitutional fallback for this.
I'm hoping that this takes as long as possible; the more days there is
no winner, the more chances "we" get to explain why this would happen
eventually. Has anyone noticed that all the broadcasters want is an
end? They don't care who wins, just get it over withy and back to
regular "politics". There is a problem: The impeachment. After that,
the "civility" gloves were off. Now, the system no longer takes
precedence over the party (pick one) even in crisis. Now, the American
phenomenon of lawsuits can even go into elections (no "pro" Canadian
bias inteneded).


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