Forwarded from Anthony (elections)

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat Nov 11 06:52:10 MST 2000

> However, I think that such a crisis will come only if the
> itself does not close ranks, and make a backroom deal to avoid a
crisis. If
> they do not, the reason will be mother's milk

That's the beauty of this whole mess... the very "civility" of
"democracy" was cast away after the attempt to impeach the last
president. What that act signified was, in a term, "gloves off". Now
the parties will no longer close ranks as they have every dang
election in order to preserve the honour of the system. That doesn't
matter to them anymore, although I'm still ready to see a Bush/Gore
co-conference that announces a winner almost any day now. I  *DO*
expect this to go to a full court challenge (where there is absolutely
no precedent, leaving some level of a soft coup in the wake), whereas
this would not have happened 1 1/2 years ago.

Comrades, this is delightful. They are falling apart, and they have no
one to get "help" from, have they not crowned themselves the masters
of "freedom and democracy"? I can't help it,but I'm laughing every 20
minutes or so.... *snicker*

There is no doubt, we will watch people study this as a "watershed"
event for decades to come, revolution or not.


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