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Sat Nov 11 09:40:00 MST 2000

Excellent news. Youssou N'Dour's latest CD "Joko (The Links)" is a return
to his Senegalese roots. Not only are the rhythms more authentically
African, the lyrics are in Senegalese--a beautiful language. Most
importantly, he is using "talking drums" once again, a critical ingredient
for the Senegalese musical idiom. The CD is dedicated to the memory of
Amadou Diallo "who died so young in the Bronx, and to all the recent
African immigrants who, like their predecessors of many nationalities, have
enriched America with their patience, with their moral example, with the
investment of their labors and their verve." Here are the lyrics to one song:


Let me say it at least once before I die:
Women are beautiful

Women of Senegal: Know that we men are not your superiors
Women of Senegal: We need to praise you
Women of Senegal: No one would dare disrespect you
Remember the Tuesday battle of Nder
Remember women like Aline Sitoe Diatta and Yacine Boubou

Let me say it at least once before I die:
Women are beautiful

Let me say it twice, then I can die: Women are beautiful
And I love you all
And I cherish you all

Akhrou zaman means the end of this world
People forget that things do not happen on their own
The forces which move you are stronger than you are
Whether they are visible or not
The truth is that lies can not prevail
I can't tell you more
Because every person has his own conscience

Women of Senegal: You remind me of the Signares of Gorée
Yacine Boubou was a hero, so was Aline Sitoe Diatta
Yacine Boubou was stronger than any man
Women of Senegal: You are stronger than men

Louis Proyect
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