IRSP: US Has No Role to Play in Irish Affairs

Danielle Ni Dhighe morrigan at
Sat Nov 11 20:25:00 MST 2000

11 November 2000

Irish Republican Socialist Party International Department Secretariat
has issued the following statement:

"In a press statement by the South Armagh Farmers & Residents Committee,
Senator Tom Hayden is said to have stated 'that a George Bush election
victory would weaken the Peace Process in the north of Ireland adding
that the White House would no longer serve as a counterweight to
Westminster if the Texas governor beat Al Gore to the Presidency.'

"That the American White House has ever sought to provide a counterweight
to the British government in matters of Irish affairs is laughable to anyone
familiar with the history of US government policy towards Ireland.

"The Irish Republican Socialist Party takes this opportunity to reiterate
that the United States government has no role to play in efforts to resolve
the long conflict in Ireland. As the closest ally of Britain in the world and
as the leading imperialist power on the globe, the United States cannot
hope to be expected to act as a disinterested neutral party facilitating
an exchange between those engaged in the national liberation struggle
and those seeking to uphold continued British possession of six Irish
counties. The US, in fact, can be numbered among those in the last
mentioned category, and has demonstrated its hostility towards the
national liberation struggle in Ireland, not only through their support
for Britain in Ireland, but through their own hounding of individuals,
such as Eddie John McNicholl, in the United States itself.

"George W. Bush, like the alternative to his presidency, Al Gore, as
well as their predecessor Bill Clinton, represent various sections of
the US capitalist class. All oppose anti-imperialist movements around
the globe. All support the exploitation of Irish labor by US-based
multi-national corporations. All would continue to harass Irish
emigres who had associations with the national liberation forces
in Ireland, as well as US citizens providing support to those forces.

"If any of these individuals would like to make an effort on behalf of
the oppressed of the world in order to facilitate the reduction of
violence arising from that oppression, they would be well advised
to look towards granting clemency to Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu
Jamal. They should likewise be encouraged to end their provocative
bombing of Vieques in Puerto Rico, to release the remaining Puerto
Rican prisoners of war, and to take immediate steps to ensure the
independence of Puerto Rico. They could then do the same for
their other colonial holdings around the world, including Hawaii,
among other entities.

"The role of the United States government in the affairs of the Palestinians
has been instructive as to how their involvement in Ireland should be
viewed. There, the US has responded to Israel's wholesale slaughter
of Palestinians by repeatedly insisting that the Palestinians cease
any acts of violence, while remaining mute on the more glaring issue
of Israel's violence against the Palestinians, whose land they continue
to occupy in violation of international law.

In conclusion, the statement said:

"While some political entities in Ireland have pursued the ill-advised
policy of soliciting the intervention of the United States government
in Irish affairs, we in the Irish Republican Socialist Party continue to
assert that the US should focus its energies on cleaning their own
house and leave the already beleaguered people of Ireland alone.
The resolution of the conflict in Ireland is a matter for the people of
Ireland to address and they are ill-served by the intervention of
Britain's imperialist allies in efforts to determine their future."


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