Return Of Smuggled Historical Works

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Return Of Smuggled Historical Works

 ISTANBUL, Nov 11 (A.A) - The Culture Ministry has  launched initiatives
in nine countries including Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, the
U.S. and Britain, for return of smuggled historical works.

Officials at the Culture Ministry told the A.A correspondent on Saturday
that many historical works were returned to Turkey as a result of the
Ministry`s initiatives.

These historical works are as follows:

 Afrodisias works (1980),

 Bronze vase (1982),

 Heracles sarcophagus (1998),

 Bogazkoy tablets (1924, 1942, 1987),

 Ottoman tombac (1991),

 Elmali coins (1988, 1991, 1992, 1999),

 Lydia works (1993),

 Girland sarcophagus (1994),

 Statue of Marsyas (1994),

 Afrodisias block (1994),

 Marble bust of a woman (1997),

 Lead seal (1998),

 Ataturk`s silver tobacco case (1998),

  Works in the Henkel collection (1998),

  Wooden panel of Ulu Mosque in Divrigi (1999),

  Works in wreckage in Mans Sea (first group 1999),

  Decorative panels of Esrefoglu Mosque (1999),

  Works confiscated at Heathrow Airport in Britain (2000),

  Two mosaics from ancient city of Zeugma (2000),

  Koran stolen from Nuruosmaniye Library (2000),

  Works confiscated in Oklahoma (2000),

 Bust of Meleager (1994),

  Statue of a women stolen from Izmir Museum (1995),

 Minbar of Birgi Aydinoglu Mehmet Bey Mosque in Izmir (1995) and

 Torso stolen from Open Air Museum in Erdek (1995).

 Anadolu Agency 11/11/00 4:15:24 PM


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