Hot blood and cold calculations

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Sun Nov 12 09:18:28 MST 2000

bilal khbeiz is a member of the organization for
communist action (mounazzamat al aamal al shouyou'ii);
he was also a member in the lebanese resistance
against the israeli occupation- he was responsible for
all the southern sector (from the city of sayda till
the border), and he was captured, imprisonned and
tortured by the he is a journalist, a writer
and a poet. this is an extract of one his latest.

[please circulate as widely as possible]

barak wants to prove that palestinians are against
peace, and that they all refuse israel's right to
exist; that is the meaning of his saying, "yasser
arafat is no longer a partner". this also means that
he (barak) is willing to be satisfied with what has
been reached so far and leave things how they are. and
if the international community become convinced that
the palestinians really do not want peace israel can
keep on harvesting the fruits of peace [international
recognition, diplomatic relations, economical
benefits, etc.- tony] while waiting for the arab world
to be "ripe" for peace. [...]
in short israel just needs peace to better its image
in the world. as for the possibility of israel being
threatened in its existance, it is simply not there:
the arab states haven't got such power, even if they
allied themselves with Hizballah.
there is no Intifada without a ceiling, this is
something that we should always keep in mind, and the
ceiling is the return to the negotiation table. [...]
but those who demand the continuation of the intifada
until the full israeli defeat suppose that the
continuation of the cycle of violence will lead to
better results. the truth is that those, from inside
and outside palestine , gamble with blood to prove the
rightfulness of their positions, the palestinian blood
of course. and they only include that blood into their
calculations when it can accomplish political gain.
the palestinians are willing to sacrifice their blood,
because they have nothing to lose. but the leaderships
should be less generous with that blood because it is
the blood of its people, and not some sheep's that is
being sacrificed in a feast. and the truth is that
mouhammad al durra will not come to life again with
poems and songs, his death is pure loss like all the
deaths of all the martyrs who fell on this long road.
stopping the violence also serves the palestinians, at
least in remaining alive. that does not mean that
israel should not be held accountable for that spilled
blood; but accountability does not lie in expressing
the permanent readiness, from a leadership safe and
secure in its forts, to sacrifice the blood because it
is cheap. we too think that our lives are valuable and
should be kept unharmed, and that the one who agresses
our lives should pay the price. in the light of that
it is not permissible for one to go out and say "this
is the people and the people is ready to die, so let's
encourage it to go forward as long as the ennemy is an
ennemy; either a total victory or a total defeat".
we should always remember that mouhammad al durra was
a victim and not a suicidal bomb attacker, and that he
died and didn't want to die, and that we should expose
the murderer and the executioner and punish them- not
come forward to death as if it was our final aim. the
palestinians are struggling for specific demands, they
are not lovers of martyrdom and eath, they want a
right and a country. they don't want to die. but the
leaders and intellectuals and analysts- from their
quarters protectd by soldiers- probably disagree. this
is how they ask Arafat not to surrender as if he is
ruling jerusalem and is going to give it up for the
israelis, and they don't want the intifada to stop, as
if the Carlton speeches [a reference to the carlton
hotel in beirut, where the pro-syrians hold their
conventions- tony], as if the Carlton speeches can
feed the hungry, and as if shouting through
microphones will revive the dead and bring back the
stolen country.

Bilal Khbeiz

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