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> >Neither one, dear Macdonald. What is more democratic about >Kostunica than
> >Milosevic is that we have much more of space for freedom of >the speech. We
> >didn't had such a rights under Milosevic dictatorship.

This is nonsense. Are you aware what you are implying, Milan? So you are
telling us that you prefer Kostunica to Milosovic for the freedom of speech.
Isn't this call for bourgeois democracy a luxury when Yugoslavia is under
imperialist domination?. It is surprising to see how a party that lends itself
to Marxism-Lenininsm deliberately engages in the plan of  prostituting
Yugoslavia to imperialist powers.  It is more sad that working class is part
of this stupid imperialist game. Now, Lenin's distinction between sectarian
class consciousness and revolutionary consciousness perfectly makes sense.
There is no guarantee that those workers' strikes are revolutionary in the
real sense, as long as the Serbian working class is not conscious of the
imperialist game played by the US. If workers want to save their asses for the
sake of gaining individual rights, this is SELFISH.  They should know by now
that they will have less economic rights (protection) when Kostunica starts
his neo-liberal program of plundering state enterprises. POLITICAL RIGHTS DO
NOT GUARANTEE ECONOMIC RIGHTS. Before cheering freedom of speech, workers need
to press their hunger in the first place.  Under Kostu, umemployent will
increase; poverty will follow and IMF will suck the country to its last blood.
Workers will be  impoverished, more so than they were under Milo.

Furthermore, there is nothing *more democratic* about Kostunica. He is
absolutely an "undemocratic" leader even from a simple bourgeois point of
view. Kostunica is a sham democrat put in power to help further the interests
of  US in Balkans: DIVIDE AND CONQUER (Please remember billions of dollars
funneled into Yugo elections to arouse the opposition against Milo. Remember
EU's promise of lifting the sanctions in return for ousting Milo from power.
Remember NATO air strikes in Serbia during the ethnic war ) Second, Milosovic
was not a *dictatorship* (or fascist) although his record of human rights,
freedom of speech, etc.. might not have been perfect.  Calling a regime
fascist regardless of the *nature* of regime in power must be a sectarian
disease, I guess,  among Marxist Leninist circles in post communist regimes
and third world countries (like Turkey for example) . It helps no one except
hypocritical democracy champions like the US.  Milo is the last person to be
called fascist. Who were real fascists? Not Milo, but the ones who *initially*
started the ethnic conflict by dividing the socialist federation to the
benefit of US, such as reactionary proto-fascist Croatian government (1995),
Kosovo liberation army, reactionary Bosnian Muslims, etc.. Once the conflict
started, it was taken advantage by the US. We can not put the blame on Milo!
US is responsible for human rights violations there.

I  strongly advise you to post your comments on pen-l  or LBO. You can cc it,
for example.  I am sure you would inspire a lot of  Milosovic hunters and male
McDworkins there

This is not for you Milan. (ps: Now, it makes perfect sense to see why *some*
Milosovic hater pen-l subscribers also defend the Brenner thesis. If we apply
fucking Brenner thesis to Yugo, that is what we get: " Kostunica and the role
of imperialism in promoting bourgeois democracy". Democracy wins; its core
intellectuals reproduce it. ha hah !!! )




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